• ​The worship service will be in ASL first. All services are translated into voiced English and then captioned. 
  • The church crowd will be very diverse (all races, ability differences, socioeconomic differences, education differences)
  • We offer tactile interpretation for people who are DeafBlind 
  • We will play a drum!
  • You can dress comfortably or formally
  • If you feel you do not have clothes you can wear to church, let us know. We can fix that.



  • We have street parking in the surrounding neighborhood

Closest Bus Stop

  • Royal Farms on Wilkens
  • Bus 76

MTA Mobility

  • Some members schedule transport for Sunday morning

I want to be a member

We would love to have you as a member of Christ Deaf United Methodist Church.  We believe that any baptized person is baptized into the “whole” church.  Any person who has been confirmed or joined a church has joined the whole church.  The local church is where we are fed and challenged to grow as disciples.  

  • You are able to join the church on any Sunday  
  • You may join by transfer of membership if you have an active membership in a church somewhere else 
  • You may have your membership restored if you have no active membership
  • If you have never joined a church, you may join by professing your own faith in Jesus Christ.  If you have never been baptized, we would be thrilled to share in that exciting time with you
  • A membership class is not required but if you want to learn more about the United Methodist Church and Christ Deaf Church, we will be happy to meet with you personally.  

Please contact Pastor Sandi and she will meet you before the service, she will ask you to reaffirm your vows and to be faithful to this United Methodist Church with your “prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness.”  
God loves you just the way you are! God wants all of us to grow in faithfulness and to deepen our faith.  Come join this community of faith on an exciting faith journey.  Together, we can be the people and the church God wants us to be! 

WelcOME. We're glad you're here!

We know that people have many reasons for visiting a church. Maybe you are having a rough week and need some support. Maybe you looking for a relationship with God. Maybe you are an ASL student and you just need some hours its the end of the semester and for some reason your teacher approved church time as hours. Phew! Come on in.

Maybe you're looking for a place that will (finally) accept you for who you are. 

When you show up on Sunday, you are already welcome. If you bring loud, wild kids, you will be especially welcome. If you are Deaf, hearing, DeafBlind, Blind, Disabled, old, young, a new Christian, not a Christian at all we will welcome you

(Oh, and you don't need to dress up for us unless you want to.)

United Methodist Church