Christ Deaf United Methodist Church

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12:00 noon | Sunday

Followed by a Fellowship Meal 

1040 S. Beechfield Ave. Baltimore MD 21229 


The Mission Statement of Christ Deaf United Methodist Church is to bring the love and salvation of Jesus Christ to people in the Deaf community and their families.


At Christ Deaf Church, we want to meet you where you are in your faith and help you take the next steps to growing an intimate relationship with Christ! Our church worships in ASL with tactile and voice interpreting, and captioning so that all God's children can accept the Word of God into their hearts and lives.  Our all-Deaf Choir enhances the service with hymns of praise and thanksgiving.  People of all faith traditionds, or none, are welcome to join us.  In our Fellowship Hall on Sunday afternoons we share a meal, and a variety of social activities.  We often host students who are learning ASL, and we welcome you to come and learn more about our loving, caring community.